“ Containers on sea and land „

Light Container

It comes packed inside 40’ High Cube containers and its dimensions are only slightly shorter than ISO ones; with a fast and easy assembly it becomes an accommodation container destined to a variety of end users (as dormitory, office, ablution, medical room, dining room and countless further applications).

Being a modular container, it can be joined to create larger spaces (ground level only). Offered lay outs for a standard 20’ unit range from single or double room to ablution and sanitary containers.

Materials used for panels, insulation, floor and ceiling can be of different kinds and fire rated. Electrics are compliant to a number of international standards. Doors and windows are available in different style, materials and size.

Its usage is recommended in hot and temperate areas like Middle East, Africa... where heavy insulation is not a must. The light container is a response to cost effectiveness still keeping it modular.


External size: 5,89m (L) x 2,43 m (W) x 2,65m (H).


COST EFFECTIVE accommodation solution; ideal in hot and temperate climates for individual accommodation containers or more complex and modular buildings on ground floor only.

External door: steel made.

Windows: sliding aluminium or PVC made with security bars.

Electrical Standards: CE, UL, SAF, AUS and more.

Floor: plywood or cement board.